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Victoria Duff
Victoria Duff

I am Victoria Duff — a 20-year veteran of Wall Street bond trading and investment management. After leaving Wall Street, I founded aBusinessPlan.com and have been working with startups in a wide variety of industries ever since.

I currently work with Latona’s, the World’s leading and largest website broker.

Some of the information and examples used in this website are from Latona’s. This is because I believe Latona’s is a trustworthy company and works to keep its clients — both buyers and sellers — happy with their transactions and service. Your opinion might vary, of course.

This website is also an affiliate marketer for Latona’s and modest commissions might be paid based on transactions that result from referrals to Latona’s by WebPropertyInvestor.com.

That said, I have expert experience in investment markets. I spent 20 years on Wall Street buying and selling Treasury, Corporate and Municipal Bonds to institutional investors such as mutual funds, pension funds and corporate investment accounts, I also managed bond portfolios larger than $250 million.

Since roughly the year 2000, investors have had a difficult time finding comfort in the markets — particularly investors who rely on income from their investments. Bond interest rates are practically non-existent and the stock market is volatile.

I believe web properties are a new alternative investment market that is growing fast. It can provide capital appreciation and income if the property is managed well. In fact, there are many institutional investors who have recognized this and are already investing in web properties.

Whether you are a professional investor, a retired person looking for income or a student paying for college, there is no substitute for dealing with professional web brokers and doing your own careful due diligence. You must carefully consider any purchases of web properties because there is no guarantee your investments will perform successfully. Even Latona’s, with all our expertise, does not guarantee the information presented or the success of web properties it brokers because all the information comes from the seller. As with any investment, it is possible to find out the seller is a skilled con artist. The only way to protect yourself is to conduct thorough and professional due diligence before you buy.

The goal of this website is to help you learn what you need to learn, and show you where you can find the information you need to sell your web properties or invest in web properties.

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