Resources and Recommendations


Reputable Web Property Brokers — My absolute favorite web property broker (Latona’s) to use if you want to sell your website or buy an existing website that already has good traffic and produces revenues.


Google AdSense — Recommended ad network. Arguably the largest and most popular. There are other ad networks, but this is a good place to start.

Amazon Seller Account — Sell your products on Amazon. This can be an excellent program for you if you have a yen to go into online retail. The program includes various services you can choose to use such as fulfillment and promotion within the Amazon site.

eBay Seller Account — Similar to Amazon.

How to Attract Direct Advertisers — An excellent article that gives a good explanation of what you need to know if you want to attract direct advertising to your site.

Affiliate Programs — An excellent Forbes article that will educate you about the pros and cons of affiliate programs. It also has links to other helpful Forbes articles on this topic.